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  Classification of diamond tools
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(1) Abrasives

Including bonded abrasives, coated abrasives, and loose abrasives, such as grinding wheels, grinding segments, honing stones, shaped grinding, diamond belt, pellet grinding, polishing paste.

(2) sawing tools

Divided into two categories: one is cutting granite, marble, concrete, according to the circular, band saw, gang saw, wire saw; the other is cutting metal and the semiconductor material of the inner circle and outer cutting discs cutting discs.

(3) Drilling Tools

Including geology, petroleum, coal, metallurgy and other sectors of exploration and drill bits, reamer open adoption, as well as construction works sets of drilling.

(4) cutting tool

Polycrystalline diamond composite sheet or large single crystals made of natural turning, boring, milling, non-metallic materials for finishing automobile, aircraft, non-ferrous metal parts and plastic precision machinery, ceramics and the like.

(5) Dressing Tool

Molding trim wheel, correction pen, repair piece.

(6) Drawing Die

Made of polycrystalline diamond wire drawing dies, wire drawing, filament, wire mesh and other metal filaments.

(7) Other Tools

Scribing knife, glass cutter, chisel, knife sets of materials, cooking filing, measuring probe, bearings, needle, diamond scalpel, and so on.

(8) Special equipment components

Indenter, surface roughness probe anvil high-pressure chamber, the engine nozzle, high-power triode, infrared window, microwave, lasers, LSI element in the diamond heat resistance thermometers.

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