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Diamond applications and brought about by the industry revolution

(1) stone

In the marble, granite, artificial stone, concrete cutting and grinding of construction materials, widely used in diamond tools. Such as large circular saws and row saws, medium cutting edge saw blades, small-sized dry and wet cutting blades, and diamond wire saws. In addition, there are diamond grinding wheel and edging wheel, for grinding and grinding plate. In the stone mining, sawing, polishing and on-site construction of the whole process, stone processing efficiency with the application of these new diamond tools and increased exponentially.

(2) mechanical processing

Diamond grinding tool is a special tool for grinding hard metal materials. Diamond grinding wheel grinding metal materials than the average grinding wheel is 1000 times higher than the cost reduction of more than 10%. Such as diamond grinding wheel carbide grinding tool, can avoid the use of silicon carbide grinding wheel is easy to produce cracks, saws and other defects, tool life can be extended by 50% -100%, and can eliminate the grinding process after grinding, production Efficiency can be increased several times. In addition, in the automotive industry, diamond abrasive to replace the common abrasive is a long-term trend, and its particularly suitable for grinding alloy tool steel.

(3) electronic and electrical processing

For the hard and brittle precious semiconductor materials, such as silicon, germanium, gallium arsenide, gallium phosphide, etc., need to cut and grind processed into small pieces of semiconductor devices, the most appropriate method is to use diamond cutting blade processing . Polishing diamond with diamond semiconductor materials, not only high efficiency, and can achieve a high finish. Diamond can also be used in the electrical and electronic industry for drawing ultra-fine wire wire, processing high hardness of the electrical insulating ceramic materials.

(4) drilling and mining

In the oil, coal, metallurgy, geological exploration and other drilling and mining, the extensive use of diamond bits. Because of its high hardness and durability, not only can get into the hardest rock formation, but also has fewer drilling times, faster drilling, and smaller borehole diameter, which can reduce the labor intensity and save steel. Compared with carbide bit, The cost is reduced.

(5) optical devices (glass), gem processing

For the processing of optical and precision glass devices required for cutting, nesting, cutting, milling, grinding and convex and concave surface grinding, the use of diamond abrasive processing than the average abrasive comprehensive production efficiency increased several times to several times . Processing gem, agate, jade, etc., diamond tools are indispensable.

(6) Aerospace Instrumentation

Diamond dressing: grinding rate constant, long life, good processing effect, these advantages make the diamond dressing bar to meet the needs of modern production and processing; diamond abrasive centerless grinding alumina: the main advantages of unintentional grinding belt: High material removal rate, low cutting force per unit, high feeding speed, no need of shaping and repair, quick installation, constant surface speed and better cooling condition. and many more

(7) Computer (chip)

Diamond excellent thermal conductivity, used in the manufacture of new computer chips; processing of the traditional single, multi-crystalline silicon chip

(8) very environmental, nuclear fusion (dynamic compression experiment of high-intensity optical window)

(9) Medical (Instruments)

Tissue compatibility, blood compatibility, friction similarity and other advantages of the human body far less than the impact of traditional materials.

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